Pre assessment test:
The pre assessment exam will be carried out before 30 min of commencement of session and same will be repeated for each session. The duration of the pre assessment will be 10 min after Login, and it will automatically submit the answers after 10 min. As you press the SUBMIT button, you will be directed session for Experts presentation. (time table will be provided time to time, for Login at Zoom). Permission to join the Experts presentation session will be provided only after submission of pre assessment test.

Post Assessment test:
Post assessment will be done after completion of the course. There will be an exam for pre assessment comprise of 40-50 questions from all the sessions of duration 50 min. Your post assessment test score will be projected on screen after submission. The link for post assessment test will be deactivated after 60 min.

Eligibility to qualify the exam:
75% attendance & aggregated 60 % score in post assessment test

Feedback form:
An online feedback form will be asked after completion of the course to evaluate the knowledge gain by the participants from each session. Once feedback form is submitted the Qualifying certificate will be send automatically to the registered mail ID.