Colloquium by Dr. sanjeev Kumar, Executive Director, National Health System Resource Centre, on "Cancer prevention & control in India- Current Context" on February 20, 2017.

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Workshop on "APPLICATION OF STATISTICAL SOFTWARES IN MEDICAL RESEARCH" was organised by the Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology from February 1st - 3rd, 2017.

Thirty seven participants from various parts of India participated in the Workshop.

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"Hands-on Workshop on Cervical Cancer Screening for Pathologists" from 23rd - 25th January, 2017"

30 participants from across the country (Delhi, UP, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Assam, Manipur, West Bengal) as well as from neighboring countries (Nepal and Qatar) attended the workshop. The content included didactic lectures on cervical precancerous and cancerous lesions, various infections, Liquid based cytology, testing for HPV and newer biomarkers as well as HPV vaccination. The highlight of the workshop were the hands-on microscopic slide sessions of various cervical lesions, demonstration of Pap staining and HPV testing by Hybrid Capture2.

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"Workshop on “Basic Molecular Biology Techniques Relevant to Cancer Research” from 6th to 9th December, 2016

3rd workshop on “Basic Molecular Biology Techniques Relevant to Cancer Research” was conducted by Molecular Biology Group coordinator Dr. Mausumi Bharadwaj. 20 participants were trained in different molecular biology technique [PCR (Real time, Methylation specific, Allele specific, etc), Immunohistochemistry, Immunoblotting & Tissue Culture related techniques] in this workshop.

"Integrity Pledge was taken on 3rd November, 2016 on the Occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week"

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Workshop on "Training of Master Trainers for cancer screening of Oral, Breast and Cervix" from 24th - 26th October, 2016 at NICPR

22 master trainers (Gynecologists, dentists, surgeons, Radiotherapist, and Unani doctors) were trained in oral, breast and cervical cancer screening from Agartala, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Aligarh and Chennai. The workshop included lectures by experts, group work and hands-on training.

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"Hands-on Workshop on Cervical Cancer Screening for Pathology Residents" from 27th to 29 September, 2016 at NICPR, Noida

The workshop was attended by 35 delegates (junior and senior residents) from Delhi, Ghaziabad, Rohtak, Sonepat, Bhopal and Ranchi. The scientific program included didactic lectures as well as microscopic slide sessions on precancerous and cancerous lesions of the uterine cervix.

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"Regional Capacity Building Workshop for Faculty/ Researchers in Medical College/ Institutions" from 19th to 21st September, 2016 at NICPR, Noida

The workshop included nodal officers and research scientists from 6 medical research units in medical colleges in Delhi, Haldwani, Dharwad, Kolkata and Jaipur. The delegates were apprised about the methodology of research protocol writing, biomedical statistics and the administrative and financial issues pertaining to the medical research units.

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"Hands-On Training On Cervical, Breast & Oral Cancer Screening” was organised by Clinical Division, NICPR from 14th to 16th September, 2016 at ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF AYURVEDA

32 Ayurveda doctors from various specialities were trained in oral, breast and cervical cancer screening.

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Workshop on "APPLICATION OF STATISTICAL SOFTWARES IN MEDICAL RESEARCH" was organised by the Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology from July 27th to 29th, 2016.

Thirty four participants from various parts of India participated in the Workshop.

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ECHO Training of Himalayan Institute, Dehradun by NICPR, Noida on 8th August, 2016

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Hands on Workshop on Cervical Cancer Screening

“Hands on workshop on cervical cancer screening “ for pathologists was organized by the division of Cytopathology, ICPO from 26th -28th April, 2016. 31 pathologists from all over India were enrolled for the workshop.

Inauguration of WHO FCTC Smokeless Tobacco Knowledge Hub at NICPR, Noida on 6th April 2016
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Workshop on " Basic Molecular Biology Techniques Relevant to Cancer Research" at NICPR, 4-7 April, 2016

Aim of this workshop is to bridge the gap between the clinical practice and laboratory expertise. Cancer is a major public health issue both in the developed and developing world. This workshop is being designed to bring together many well recognized researcher with budding cancer researchers and will help them to flourish in their research endeavor.

"Implementation of National Cancer Early Detection and Screening" at India International Centre, Lodhi Road, 4th March 2016

Brainstorming meet with US-NCI and national stakeholders to discuss and create an initial sketch of the existing framework, and define what knowledge gaps need to be filled in order to move forward

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Organized "World Cancer Day" in collaboration with "All India Institute of Ayurveda" on 4th Feb 2016

Skit (Play) for cancer awareness was held at "All India Institute of Ayurveda" along with Cancer Awareness Quiz.

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Brainstorming session on “Developing diagnostics for oral cancer” was held on 23rd November 2015 at NICPR, Noida
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The aim of this session was to provide a single platform for discussion to clinicians and translational researchers to interact and discuss the following topics:

1. Current status of oral cancer diagnostics
2. Oral Cancer in India: The Extent of the problem
3. Lacunae in early diagnosis of oral cancer
4. Pros and cons of available diagnostic techniques
5. Development of in-silico diagnostics: Emerging trends


Cancer Research in the Media-International Workshop for Scientific Journalism", October 12-13, 2015
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Brain storming session on "Base-pair to Bedside" was held on March 25, 2015

Developments in high throughput technologies are revolutionizing medical research. With applications in both communicable and non communicable diseases, these technologies have potential for translating research to clinical practice. Although high throughput technologies have been used worldwide for medical research, these are not being used as widely in India. One of the biggest hurdles in use and analyses of high throughput technologies for medical research in India is limited training of clinicians in such technologies and minimal interaction between clinicians and translational researchers.

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Celebrated World Cancer Day on Feb 4, 2015

Nukkad Natak for cancer awareness was held at Degree College along with Debate competition on “Lifestyle & cancer” and poster competition on the topic “Prevention of cancer”. To celebrate the Annual day lecture & felicitation of employees of ICPO was also organized.

Cancer awareness day on November 7, 2014

Cancer screening camp was organized at ICPO and cancer awareness stalls were set in the campus. Slogan competition for the college students was also held to increase the cancer awareness.

Celebrated Swach Bharat Abhiyan on October 2, 2014

Painting competition for children of employees was also held.