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Health promotion clinic (HPC)

Health promotion clinic was started in Feb 2014 at NICPR (formerly ICPO). The clinic has following objectives:

  1. To screen for preventable cancers like oral, breast and cervix
  2.  To evaluate the screen positive individuals for confirmation of precancerous /cancer.
  3. Referral of appropriate Participants to the tertiary care centre who require further evaluation and treatment.

It functions in the OPD rooms situated in the clinical oncology wing, ground floor. The timing of the clinic is from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday.


Currently there is a footfall of more than 150 Participants in a month. Participant’s information is being entered by the Clinical staff on paper which is later manually entered in SPSS software by staff in DML at regular intervals and analyzed on monthly basis. Thus, currently data entry is a very labor intensive and time consuming job.

Need of an online portal

  • For efficient utilization of time and manpower
  • To make data entry eco-friendly
  • To prevent mistakes that might occur during manual data entry
  • For easy data submission, storage and retrieval
  • For real time analysis of data

Introduction to the portal

Health Promotion Clinic Database (HPCdb) is an online portal through which user can easily feed the participant/individual information into the database. This portal currently for three different cancers - Oral, Breast and Cervical cancer.  The information is entered in following parts:

  1. Participant profile
  2. Clinical history
  3. General Symptoms
  4. General Examination
  5. Symptoms
  6. Examination
  7. Investigation

Parts 1, 3 and 4 are common for all participants while 5 to 7 are entered for participants diagnosed with cancer. Part 2 is entered for participant according to the gender.


  1. Each participant is assigned a unique screening ID which can be used to retrieve the participant information on a later date (follow up).
  2. It is user friendly.
  3. It will give real time analysis of data, generate automated reports to study the patterns.
  4. It has a user based access so the patient information is secure.
  5. Records for three different types of cancers i.e. breast, oral and cervical are stored on a single platform.
  6. System is flexible and can be expanded to collect data for other cancers.
  7. Registration is followed by approval from administrator to prevent unauthorized access of information.
  8. Users at different levels have varying access to information stored in the database. For example an administrator has access to all the information while a patient can see only his/her record.

Provision for Data Analysis

There will be provision for data analysis. User can see the graph also. Following analysis can be done in a single click.

  • Total no. of individuals
  • Median age of total participant
  • Median age of male & female
  • Suspected cases of pre malignant lesion (OSMF, Leukoplakia, etc)
  • Participant with habit of Smoking/Gutkha/Khaini/ Paan masala/Tobacco etc.

Future Plan

To develop the cancer predicting model and tool using the collecting data with the help of machine learning approach.

Figure: Screenshot of Cancer screening Data submission page [For Female participant]